Virtual Reality Annex

The Virtual Reality Annex is now located in the ILC.  You can check out VR Gear-To-Go and request VR content for any academic endeavor that would benefit from this technology. We can show you how to create both object and panorama VR movies or, in some cases, we will do the work for you. And it's all free to any Student, Faculty or Staff at the U of A.

Here's how it works:
Object movies are created when objects are photographically captured and turned into interactive computer objects that can be experienced three-dimensionally and shared without the original objects actually being handled. Several UA classes have used these objects so that students and researchers can gain "virtual" access to precious or fragile items that they would normally never be able to physically access. Panorama movies are created when real world spaces are captured photographically and turned into worlds that can be navigated and explored on a computer. Panoramas are invaluable to students and researchers who wish to "virtually" visit locations that would normally be impractical or impossible to visit in person.

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Contact: Gary Mackender