Podcasting is an excellent way to enhance student learning and can be provided in different ways. The most common method that UA faculty use is lecture capture. By using Apple's Podcast Producer, a simple workflow is created for you that captures your classroom presentations and makes them available as soon as an hour later on iTunes U.

A common concern among faculty members is that if they podcast their lectures they will realize a decrease in student attendance. UA faculty who are podcasting course lectures tell us that simply is not the case and a review of the professional lecture supports their observations. The professional literature overwhelmingly tells us that the majority of students do not cut class because audio and/or video of class lectures are available. Rather, we learn that students appreciate having the lectures available and use them to review for exams, clarify difficult points, and catch up when they miss class for legitimate reasons. Download a copy of the report: “Podcast Your Lectures or, why students will still attend class.”

In addition to lecture capture, some faculty and instructors record content that complements their lectures, delves more deeply into complicated material, and shares real-world examples that make the theoretical concepts more relevant to students.

The UA is an active participant in Apple’s excellent educational resource, iTunes U. We have both a public iTunes U site and a private site. The private site is used when course content must be restricted to only students in the class, such as courses at the College of Medicine

Talk to an OIA consultant about how you can enhance student learning by podcasting.

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