Missions Initiative

International Workshop on the Conservation and Restoration of Earthen Architecture Arizona | Sonora

R. Brooks Jeffrey from the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture approached Multimedia Solutions to create the videos for the instructional hands-on portion of the Missions Initiative website. The OIA production crew traveled along with MI group to Tumacácori, AZ and Pitiquito, MX to videotape the international conference in 2008. They covered both formal conference presentations as well as the hands on demonstrations showing the methods of conservation and restoration of adobe and lime plaster constructed buildings during the Mission Period in Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. The result was 21 videos that have been incorporated into the Missions Initiative website. The video production began in Fall 2008 and was completed in Fall 2009.

The OIA staff involved in this project was Tony Gallego as project lead and LuisCarlos Davis as assistant. They both worked as a team and did all the production including videography and video editing.


Multimedia Solutions

Contact: Tony Gallego