The Leveraging LCE Course Redesign Innovations (CRI) at the U of AZ Project


This project builds upon the outcomes of past LCE CRI projects, maximizes the potential impact of the current 2010 LCE CRI Leverage grant, and responds to our university’s priority for cost saving through LCE course redesigns that result in high quality online courses.   The project is funded by the ABOR’s 2010 Learner-Centered Education Leverage Grant program.

Five projects were selected in February 2010 to develop online or hybrid courses aligned with LCE principles and lessons learned from past LCE CRI projects. The five projects are:

  • Conversion of Mechanisms of Learning (PSYV 319) to an Online Course (PI: Laura Lunsford)
  • MUS 206 Music Performance in Context – Web Partner Course for Gen Ed (PI: Janet Sturman)
  • Developing a Library of Online Course Materials for Gender and Women’s Studies (PI: Laura Briggs)
  • GEOG 205, Places in the Media, Course Development (PI : J.P. Jones)
  • Online Learner-Centered Environmental Education for Introduction to Engineering (PI: Jane Hunter)

In preparation for building high quality, on-line courses, personnel from these funded projects will attend workshops to collaboratively study principles and outcomes of past LCE CRI projects and to incorporate these “lessons” into planning of current projects. This project will also create an online archive of resources and “lessons learned” for all faculty members to access through the UA Office of Instruction & Assessment (OIA) website.



Contact: Debra Tomanek, Ph. D.