Instructional Blogging 

Blogs are being used in classes at the UA in a number of different ways.

Some faculty, particularly those with large classes, find posting class information to a professor’s blog a useful way to reach all students in one place. Because blogs include a comments feature, it affords any student the opportunity to ask for clarification. This is often more helpful than replying to an individual student by email because all students can then read the response on the blog.

At the UA, faculty teaching courses as different as freshman english and 600 level philosophy seminars have used blogs successfully. Many faculty find that blogs are an excellent way to extend learning beyond the classroom. Blogs have also been used with courses that are largely lecture-based, courses that meet and supplement learning with different educational technologies, and fully online courses. Consult our online guide, Instructional Blogging: Best Practices and Case Studies or contact an OIA consultant for more information.

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